Muriwai. Roll this unfamiliar collection of letters over your tongue and it sounds truly exotic, a word fitting for a stretch of unspoilt sand on the shores of an island that sits in the South Pacific, over 11,400 miles away from McLaren’s headquarters in Woking.

Yet this name is far closer to McLaren’s heritage than you might expect. This beach in New Zealand is where Bruce McLaren won his first ever race, driving an Austin Ulster which can still be viewed on display at the McLaren Technology Centre. He was so fond of Muriwai that once Bruce and his young family moved to Britain and built their own dream house in Surrey in the 1960s, it too was named after this beautiful spot.


The house was painted white with deep blue shutters – and it is this striking combination that inspired McLaren Special Operations (MSO) to come up with an exclusive colour – Muriwai White. This unique shade features blue flecks that shimmer and subtly change depending on the light.

Standing in the same spot where her father had stood back in 1969 with the first prototype of the original road-going McLaren, the M6GT, Amanda said: ‘The colours white and blue that are most reminiscent of this beautiful name [Muriwai] to my eyes, are of our Georgian-style house here in Burwood Park.

‘The M6GT was his vision of the road-going supercar, and the DNA of that 1969 car is evident in all of McLaren Automotive’s cars. To compare pictures of the M6GT outside the old house with the 570S Spider is a rather lovely circle.’

Whilst the 570S Spider is no longer in production, this very special colour remains available to specify on the current McLaren range.