Make Sure You’re McLaren Qualified

Mark Basili, Sales Executive, McLaren Toronto

Owning a McLaren is about driving pleasure. When your car is “McLaren Qualified”, it means it has been thoroughly examined against the requirements of the experts that built it – something only a McLaren dealer can offer. The same standards that define every McLaren road car ever built continue to be present in every McLaren Qualified pre-owned vehicle. In this blog, we are going to go over some of the core benefits of purchasing a McLaren Qualified pre-owned vehicle.

More McLaren for the Money

Purchasing a pre-owned vehicle from any brand is going to be more financially advantageous than buying new. The first owner of the vehicle has taken the initial depreciation hit.

One reason customers choose new vehicles has always been warranty coverage, but a McLaren Qualified vehicle comes with a warranty, allowing you to purchase with the same peace-of-mind as when buying new.

Another issue customers purchase new vehicles instead of pre-owned are attractive lease and finance rates. This is not the case for Pfaff McLaren, as we offer many of the same methods of acquisition as new vehicles – including leasing.

Purchasing a pre-owned McLaren will also allow you to drive a higher-specification vehicle compared to a similarly-priced new one.

For example, a brand-new 2020 720S has a base price of approximately $335,000 plus options and freight/PDI. For $310,000 – $25,000 less – McLaren Vancouver has available a 2018 720S Performance in MSO Amethyst Black with a full load of options, including Stealth Pack, Sport Exhaust, Gorilla Glass upper doors, and much more.

McLaren Inspected and Backed Warranty

The McLaren Qualified warranty covers the cost of parts and labour for warrantable repairs carried out at McLaren Retailers & Service Centres. McLaren’s CPO program offers unrivaled coverage on all factory-fitted components (excluding failures related to wear and tear). There is no limit to the number of claims over the course of the policy.

For a used McLaren to become “Qualified”, all major parts and assemblies on the car need to be checked by a McLaren technician – and therefore pass a multi-point inspection. Qualified status also means the previous caretaker of the car has had all routine services performed as needed.

Still Have a Long of Life & Better Resale Value

All McLaren Qualified CPO vehicles are required to have less than 100,000 miles and cannot be older than 10 years old. All tires are McLaren-approved and have sufficient tread remaining at the time of purchase. When it comes time to sell your certified pre-owned McLaren, any remaining warranty is transferable.

24/7 roadside assistance

All McLaren Qualified cars are backed by a 12-month, 24/7 roadside assistance plan. As part of your handover pack, you will receive a personalized card including details that give you a direct line to the McLaren team should you require support.

The McLaren Experience

In addition to the practical benefits outlined, McLaren Qualified welcomes you into the McLaren fold with regular McLaren owner publications and access to the ever-expanding McLaren events calendar. Events available to you include McLaren driving experiences or visits to the McLaren Technology Centre and Production Centre.

Safety First

When purchasing a supercar that you might be occasionally traveling in at high speeds either on the road or track, you want to make sure that the engine and the mechanical condition of the vehicle are completely sound; you don’t want to find out later that the previous owner of your used McLaren didn’t do their annual service when your engine has a malfunction.

The higher the performance and dollar value of the vehicle you are driving, the more peace of mind a warranty delivers – ensuring the car you are purchasing has been properly looked after. You are not buying a slow “to and from work car,” but a highly capable supercar.

As you can see, there are many benefits to purchasing a “Qualified” McLaren. At Pfaff McLaren in Vancouver and Toronto, we make it simple for our clients to get behind the wheel of the new or used McLaren of their dreams. For more information about this, we encourage you to continue browsing through our website.

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